Jewelry Sizing Guide

Necklace Chain Length Guide

Female Necklace Length Guide

14 inches (35cm): fits closely around the neck

16 inches (40cm): the length is equivalent to the collar

18 inches (45cm): dropping to the position close to the collarbone

20 inches (50cm): dropping to the bottom of the collarbone

22 inches (55cm): close to the neckline

24 inches (60cm): dropping to the neckline

Male Necklace Length Guide

Male necklaces generally only have three specifications:

18 inches (45cm): close to the base of the neck, it is a small necklacer

20 inches (50cm): close to the clavicle, it is the most common size

24 inches (60cm): dropping to the chest positio


Ring Size Guide

1. Find a piece of string or paper. ( If you do not have a string or paper, you can choose anything tissue, cords, anything that can wrap around your finger will work.)

2. Wrap the string(or other things you got) around your finger.

3. Use a pen to make a mark where the end of the string(or other things you got) meets.

4. Find a ruler and measure the string(or other things you got).

5. Round to either .0 or .5, and you got it!

Bracelet Size Guide

1. Wrap a string, paper, or other things you got around the smallest part of your wrist.

2. Use a pen to make a mark where the to ends meet.

3. Measure it flat with a regular ruler and add 0 to half an inch.

The most popular bracelet size is 18 cm (7 inch).

If it is between two sizes, please determine your preferred style first. If you like slightly tighter, choose a smaller size; if you like looser, choose a larger size.
Please note that the texture of the new bracelet is a little stiff, it will be tight and not be comfortable to wear. But it will soon soften and become more supple as you wear it.
If you wear it often, the bracelet will loosen about 1cm in the first year.


Bangle Size Guide

1. Scrunch your hand tightly, bring your thumbs together

2. Wrap a string or a piece of paper around the widest part of your hand (typically the row of knuckles)

3. Make the spot where the string/paper/thread meets

4. Measure the string's length with a rule, and add .5 or 1 inch for comfort

5. The measurement will be the circumference of the bangle that best fits you

6. Use the bangle size chart to determine your bangle size